Future State System

At Valued Veterans, we pride ourselves on a deeply experienced appraisal staff.  Coupled with powerful support technology, our expert panel is now provided deep rooted historic data reports, resulting in precision accuracy and reduced turn-times.  Our next-gen technologies and reporting that surpass any other AMC.


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Incredible Reporting Functions

Stale data, is bad data. Frequent lead data provides change management information. Having fully customizable reports is easy due to our systems architecture. Our Appraisal Management system provides with ease, infinite customization and the ability to assimilate extremely complex data points into meaningful information.  Our next-gen system architecture and reporting functions surpass the industry norms with ease.


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Integrated Data Analytics

Appraisal Quality is our foremost concern and for that reason we have developed 3-Stage process which insures that each report is carried out in a standardized and compliant manner.  Our in-house appraisers review every order for completeness, accuracy and that sound valuation methods were utilized in the field.


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Next-Gen Hybrid Appraisals

We take a different approach to alternative valuations and thinking outside the box and challenge conventional wisdom. We leverage market data, advanced analytics and value expertise to create innovative solutions for the mortgage and investment industries. Our next-gen technologies and reporting that surpass any other AMC.

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Mobile Technology

..When appraisers have a beautiful mobile app that allows for new order acceptance, property specific MLS data, their schedule of appointments, borrower contact, order information and instant messaging linked back to the management system, you end up with improved service for everyone.


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Live Performance Dashboards

…providing clients (and our staff) with robust, yet digestible data.


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Client Scorecard

…accountability through scorecarding. Our performance figures keep us on track and within SLA.


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About Us

At Valued Veterans, we offer all the power and resources of the largest AMCs and yet still treat every order as if it were our only one. We are versed in market areas nationwide, providing a unique bridge between lenders, appraisers and homeowners.