We have extensive experience with the valuation of rural properties – agricultural, recreational, partial interest, conservation easement, development and transitional land, right-of-way easements and other specialty property appraisal assignments.

Our expert panel has the necessary working knowledge and ability to apply the correct appraisal theories, practices, and techniques to render an accurate opinion of value as defined and to document the findings and values in an appraisal report compliant to USPAP, UASFLA (aka “Yellow Book”) and other applicable state and federal directives.  

Our nationwide panel of Rural and Agricultural focused appraisers have extensive knowledge and experience with appraisals assignments involving Yellow Book, area wide market analyses, eminent domain, conservation easements, Purchase of Development Rights (PDR), partial taking appraisals and a wide range of rural properties.   These appraisers are highly credentialed, many being Certified General appraisers with the Accredited Rural Appraiser” ARA designation from the UASFLA.

These appraisals are completed to both USPAP and UASFLA (“Yellow Book”) standards, where required.

While Scope of Work varies widely, our firms participation in over 45 area wide market studies have been completed to determine the market value for land classes within various States or regions.  These studies have traversed many land types and include Urban core, Suburban, Rangeland, Recreational Land.

Though the scope of work varies for each state, care is taken to address the unique appraisal needs of each client. Timeline and expectations are addressed at the beginning of each contract and communication is open throughout the process.  Scope of work may change based on data availability and regions, and different solutions have been arrived at with the guidance, and co-operation of the client.   Each appraisal begins with a pre-work conference to clearly define and thoroughly discuss and understand the scope of work, through communication with the client.  The Market Analyses were completed to determine the market value for land classes within subdivisions within the State, determined by each state.  The market data provided was to assist the client in offering a fair market value for properties being considered for easement program enrollment.

➢ Irrigated cropland

➢ Non-irrigated Cropland

➢ Inundated Agricultural Land

➢ Irrigated Hay/Pasture/Grazing Land

➢ Non-irrigated Hay/Pasture/Grazing Land

➢ Mountain Grazing Land (Development potential)

➢ Rangeland

➢ Recreational Land

➢ Inundated Timberland

➢ Non-inundated Timberland

➢ Merchantable Timber Land

➢ Non-Merchantable Timber Land

➢ Wetlands


Could we design a report that met all the USPAP definitions as an appraisal report, yet remained user-friendly for consumers?  Absolutely.

  • Completed over 350 Agricultural appraisals and over 100 Dairy appraisals from 2014 to current day, state-wide in Michigan, Ohio, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Indiana, Iowa, Missouri, Wisconsin, Kansas and Kentucky.
  • Over 200 appraisal assignments for various State and Local land conservation programs.
  • Approximately 148 Areawide Market Analysis reports for the NRCS in the last 6 years. Reports have been completed for 30 states.
  • Completed a fee simple appraisal assignment for a 320 acre property subject to a pipeline easement and a crop lease for the U.S. Department of Interior-Appraisal Services Directorate.
  • Completed over 200 Commercial appraisals from 2014 to current day, State-wide in Michigan as well as Texas, Kansas, Nebraska, Ohio, South Dakota, Tennessee, Washington, Missouri and Wyoming.
  • Completed over 200 fee simple and right-of-way appraisals, market rental analyses, and grazing rate analyses on Indian Reservations across the United States.
  • Completed over 75 appraisals in 2015 for pipeline and flow water line easements, temporary construction easements, and when necessary, valued damages to the remainder.
  • Eight appraisals for a local Conservancy completed in 30 days;
  • Multiple large and small tract appraisals for the Whiteman Air Force Base;
  • 20 statewide Market Analysis reports for the NRCS;
  • Multiple tracts appraised for the Clarke County Reservoir Commission;
  • Multiple tracts appraised on the Blackfeet Reservation.
    • Adult Foster Care Facilities
    • Medical Office Buildings
    • Aggregate/Minierals
    • Merchantable Timber/High Quality Veneer Parcels
    • Area Wide Market Analyses
    • Mini-Storage Facilities
    • Christmas Tree Farms
    • Multi-Family Developments
    • Cluster Developments
    • Multi-Family/Apartment Buildings
    • Commercial Flex Buildings/Condominiums
    • Orchards
    • Commercial Land
    • Partial Interest
    • Conservation Easements
    • Partial Takings
    • Dairy Production Facilities
    • Poultry Facilities
    • Development Properties
    • Recreational Ag
    • Estate Valuation
    • Expert Witness/Agricultural Issues
    • Residential Subdivisions
    • General/Professional Office
    • Retail-Mixed Use
    • Golf Courses
    • Riding Arenas
    • Ground Leases
    • Rural Residential
    • Hog Confinement Facilities
    • Single Family Houses
    • Industrial WH, MFG and Flex Properties
    • Subdivision Analysis
    • Leased Fee/Fee Simple Retail
    • Vacant Land
    • Manufactured Home Communities
    • Vegetable Farms


    Our expert appraiser panel and partners have completed ongoing continuing expert witness education, which has served as a pre-cursor to providing expert witness testimony for appraisal related matters.  While the case information is considered sensitive in nature, we can report that expert witness testimony has been provided on over 40 various court cases.

    The majority of our Rural and Agricultural focused appraiser panel are Certified General, MAI and ARA and are members of ASFMRA, MAR, NAR, CBoR and IREM and have completed continuing education coursework in:

    • Real Estate Appraisal “One” 
    • Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice
    • Fundamentals of Rural Appraisal Challenge
    • Principles of Rural Appraisal
    • Advanced Rural Appraisal
    • Appraising Multi-Family Units
    • Permanent Plantings Seminar
    • Surveying and Legal Description
    • Appraisal Report Writing
    • Conservation Easements Seminar
    • Environmental Due Diligence
    • Uniform Agricultural Appraisal Report
    • Income Capitalization
    • UAAR Seminar
    • Real Estate Institute “One”
    • Property Management and Managing Risk
    • Appraising the Oddball: Nonconforming & Difficult Properties
    • Legal Update
    • Eminent Domain
    • Yellow Book (UASFLA)
    • Appraisal Review Under UASFLA (A-380)
    • Introduction to Appraisal Review
    • Appraisal Review Under USPAP
    •  Advanced Approaches to Value for Rural Appraisal (A-300)
    • Advanced Appraisal Review Case Studies (A-390) Valuation of Cons. Ease. & Other Partial Interests in RE
    • Expert Witness Preparation and Testimony
    • Instructing Basic Appraisal Procedures
    • Report Writing
    • Land and Site Valuation
    • Using Your HP12C Financial Calculator  Permanent Plantings
    • Key Issues of Grain Elevator Valuation  Introduction to Commercial Greenhouse Appraisal
    • Rural Sales Analysis and Confirmation  Understanding and Using Comparable Transactions
    • Introduction to Statistical Analysis for Appraisers
    • Valuation of Confined Animal Feeding Operations

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