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It seems that the old real estate adage “Location.Location.Location” has been replaced with a new one – “Compliance. Compliance. Compliance.” Our order management system is state of the art and can provide the type of monthly and quarterly reports that clients and regulators want to see to ensure that AMCs are meeting new industry guidelines.  Valued Veterans is currently providing collateral mortgage lending valuation services to many medium and large retail mortgage providers.

We understand, that not only is the operational tempo of application to closing paramount, but even more so, is the collateral risk evaluation ensuring that correct supported opinion of value is being provided to ensure sound lending decisions.  We believe passionately in the idea of delivering as much supporting data in addition, along with the report so that underwriters, the review staff and even the consumer can clearly see why our appraisers made the decisions they did.

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While foreclosures and distressed property sales are declining nationally, there are still many states and many “micro markets” where clients still need to get it right when it comes to property values. We work with many of the nation’s top servicers, as well as several government agencies, to provide an array of products that bring “valuation science’ to determining the right property value. Many interested parties in today’s default arena are significantly more interested in Cost to Cure, As Is and As Repaired then ever before.

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With regulators banning the use of AVMs for lending and new regulations requiring copies of all valuations for consumers – Home Equity lenders need new valuation products that cost less, arrive faster and still meet the new requirements and industry guidelines. That is why we offer a whole range of products that achieve the right solutions.

Some Home Equity lenders wait days to find out a certain product is not available, or they pay twice when one valuation product has to be upgraded to another. Our clients avoid these frustrations with the “Order Genie,” which allows us to tell our clients ahead of time when there are data issues or property type restrictions. This process also means we can allow clients to upgrade to the next product without paying twice.

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Introducing Home Express Residential Opinion™ (HERO) the first appraisal product that leverages proprietary technology from the recognized leader in next-generation BPOs. Unlike other solutions that complicate the process, the HERO is designed from the ground up to lead the appraiser to successfully complete a report from the moment they log in. With integrated public record data, hundreds of field-level validations, and real-time best practices rules, the HERO facilitates the production of credible appraisal reports from the moment appraisers log into the system.  The HERO works by first sending an agent or property inspection to the property to perform a comprehensive 35+ point inspection that includes photos, condition, and key valuation drivers. Upon completion of the inspection, the data is provided to the appraiser who reviews inspection prior to starting the desktop valuation. The final result is an exceptionally easy to read appraisal report that meets all the interagency and USPAP guidelines as a full appraisal. Available in the following select markets: Alaska, District of Columbia, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Maine, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Ohio, Rhode Island, South Carolina, and Wisconsin
Meet the new breed of Broker Price Opinions. BPOPlus™ leverages our proprietary platform and delivers an industry-leading valuation solution. BPOPlus™ digs deeper into the property details and conditions driving today’s real estate valuations. We like to think we designed the perfect BPO, but when you’re as passionate as we are about innovation, BPOPlus™ is just the beginning.
For years mortgage and investment professionals have gambled on single-agent opinions to determine market prices. BPOCompare™ is a game changer. By leveraging three independent expert price opinions to achieve valuation consensus, BPOCompare is the industry’s most reliable BPO. Fueled with real-time data integration and advanced auditing features, every element of BPOCompare sets new standards that can’t be matched by traditional Broker Price Opinions. Welcome to our evolution and say goodbye to your traditional BPO.
With today’s strict regulatory environment, it’s essential that lenders consider property condition as part of their overall valuation. While traditional Automated Valuation Models (AVMs) have become a routine tool used in lending, they cannot take into account overall property and neighborhood conditions. AVMPlus™ bridges the gap by using local real estate a agent to provide a comprehensive on-site property report with neighborhood characteristics along with an independent assessment of the AVM.

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