As appraisal metrics go, order Turn-Time is a big one.  The sooner an appraisal can be completed, the quicker a lending or investment decision can be made.  Track current order status or gauge turn-time delivery over time.  Totally customizable and very useful!


We can tell you how great our appraiser panel is until we are blue in the face but we would prefer to let the metric speak for itself.  With our Appraiser Performance metric, see just how well appraisers are performing on your orders.  Our in-house assignment, processing and quality control teams rate each appraiser on a per order basis, in an ongoing effort to elevate the quality of our appraisers and make adjustments where needed!


Pre- and Post-Delivery statistics are the crux of quality control and reporting.  With a fully customizable Revision platform, we are able to provide your firm with the feedback you need to insure that this key performance indicator stays on point!


We take a different approach than most AMC’s.  We pride ourselves on transparency and remain  diligent about keeping fees low. We’ll make sure that the product you order, is one that will return a correct value.  With our real-time decision pro process, we’ll validate the property location, assessors records and lending program, to ensure clients aren’t ordering useless products. Ask us about a recent case study, one that yielded hundreds of thousands in savings to a top ten lender.

Appraisal Management Engine

Our Appraisal Management Platform is a bridge between Technology and Functionality, pushing the limits of what is possible.

Our product truly transforms a once complicated management process into a easy to use appraisal management control panel. The highlighted features below are intuitively designed, offering excellent functionality and amazing results.

About Us

At Valued Veterans, we offer all the power and resources of the largest AMCs and yet still treat every order as if it were our only one. We are versed in market areas nationwide, providing a unique bridge between lenders, appraisers and homeowners.


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